What to Expect from your Hardwood Floor Installation

If you decided to install or refinish your hardwood floors, you may wonder what will happen during the process. Knowing what to expect during your project will help ensure a quality job.


Before the work can begin on your hardwood floor, all furnishing, draperies and other items from the room will need to be removed. For new installations the wood needs to acclimate for two days to two weeks (depending on wood species) to your home.


If your hardwood floors are being sanded be prepared for noise and disruption. There is also going to be dust. Dust containment systems can greatly reduce debris but no system is 100% effective. Cover items you want to keep dust free. When finish is applied stay off your hardwood floors until they have dried. The time varies on the type of finish being used.


After finish has dried, put felt pads on the bottom of any furniture to minimize scratches and dents. Place rugs at entrance ways, avoid those with rubber backing because they can discolor your hardwood floors.

Keep in mind that as hardwood floors age color change occurs. This is normal but can be minimized by limiting exposure to direct sunlight and periodically moving furniture and rugs. Seasonal humidity can cause wood to expand and contract. Cracks are normal and will appear and disappear between floor boards during seasons of high and low humidity.

Finally, to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful is by properly maintaining them. Use a cleaning product recommended for your floors and use it regularly.